5 Ways to Create The First-Class Massage Experience at Home

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5 Ways to Create The First-Class Massage Experience at Home

The mere mention of ‘first class’ surely induces plenty of envy and an irresistible feeling of sinking into the luxurious first-class chamber. Couple that with an incredible massage – that is the kind of ideal enjoyment we all wish for every day!

Given our busy urban lifestyle, it is only natural that we deserve a treat once in a while. What better to escape the bustle than to retreat into a first-class massage experience?

We know exactly how to create that experience without heading to the movies or booking a flight. Best of all, it is in the comfort of your own home. Here are 5 things you need to create that first-class massage experience.

1. Massage

Naturally, a first-class massage experience has to include a massage session. Thus, make sure you select one that you can truly unwind in, for a top-notch mind and body relaxing experience.

A massage chair like uLove 2 delivers the most consistent massage power as compared to professional massage therapists. Inspired by 4-hand massage sessions, this luxurious and innovative 4-Hand Massage technology is included in all of uLove 2 massage programs.


2. Entertainment

When it comes to first class, entertainment options are also an absolute must. Endless choices of the latest blockbuster movies, TV drama, all are usually available at your fingertips.

Plus, entertainment is also another way to achieve total relaxation. There’s a reason why movies are still as popular as ever. Focusing your attention on your favorite movie allows you to take your mind off things, so you can enjoy the massage in its entirety. Therefore, it also relaxes your mind, enhancing the curative effects of your massage.

A useful tip: you can also try pairing your selected massage program to the type of movie genre you are watching. For example, when you are watching the genre of romantic comedies, try selecting relaxing massage programs. Whereas for exciting, block-buster, super-hero movies you can opt for energizing programs to go with it.


3. 3D Surround Sound

A stunning visual entertainment can only do so much without a solid sound system. Imagine viewing a movie in a stunning 4K, Ultra HD screen only to hear sub-par sound effects. The entire experience might not be ruined, but it would not be that fantastic either. A very good example would be Jaws (1975) this classic movie would not be as memorable without its iconic, looming sound effect before every shark attack.

Needless to say, a good sound system is also crucial to any entertainment experience what more in a first-class massage experience?

With 3D surround sound, it provides a genuine and immersive atmosphere, as though you are present in the film. Thanks to sound localization, you can just hear the distant thunderous explosions in your film or when a bird flies over your head.

Wherever possible, choose speakers with 3D surround sound as the presence of it will dramatically elevate your entire experience, perfectly emulating a first-class in-flight entertainment system.


4. Canapés, fruits & drinks

Soothe your mind and body by brewing a piping pot of tea for a positively relaxing experience. Otherwise, if you wish to complete your first-class experience feel free to include a bottle of bubbly or wine into your first-class menu for that dash of sophistication.

You can also choose to op for little canapés, snacks or fruits that are easier to consume. This is to avoid any major discomfort as you delight yourself in your massage and entertainment. This way, you can also take this chance to fulfill your dietary fruit intake! Furthermore, snacks are always a delight to have.


5. Calming ambience

Re-call upon your experience in any fine-dining or a first-class flight – it is usually a quiet ambience, softly-lit with candles or warm lightings.

Thus, lighting is another important factor in re-creating that lux ambience. Lights should be dimmed while avoiding direct white lights. Soft, amber-hued lightings are much preferred as they set the mood better.

Candles or scented reed diffusers are also essential in creating the perfect ambience. Due to our common association of calming atmospheres with candles, it has been scientifically proven to transform moods. All the more it is easier for you to relax and indulge in your personal time.


All in all, these five ways are not a definitive guide to your personalized first-class massage experience. Feel free to customize and add whatever that makes you feel good inside out. In stressful times, it is essential to take a break so your mind does not get overwhelmed, so you can continue persevering in whatever you are accomplishing.

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