Brand Story

Brand OSIM

The brand name OSIM is based on the name of our founder Mr Ron Sim, with the “O” symbolising the globe.

The icon of a person represents the focus of OSIM as a customer-centric brand. The icon’s vibrant glow signifies OSIM Inspiring customer’s well-being and helping its customers to feel great (on the inside) and look good (on the outside).

History and Milestone


A pioneer and global leader in branded healthy lifestyle products, OSIM is always at the forefront of innovation and development of the most comprehensive range of products. The numerous brand awards, product design awards and overseas business awards, further strengthen our vision to inspire well-being across all aspects for our customers.

Outlets & Experiences

OSIM operates a wide point-of-sales network with more than 455 outlets in more than 99 cities across 26 countries & territories in Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

V3 Brands Asia

OSIM is a subsidiary of V3 Brands Asia – a brand & product creator and an intellectual property developer.

V3 Brands Asia’s vision is to be the leader in innovative wellness and premium lifestyle.


OSIM anticipates the future with confidence. Expanding the concept of well-being in greater ways and innovating on all fronts, OSIM aspires to become the world’s number 1 global well-being brand. The journey ahead remains purposeful with a clear sense of gratitude and mission to stay connected to customer and always inspire better, healthier lives.