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Destress for everyone in the family
Modern life can be stressful for everyone regardless of life stages, but we do not have to accept our stressful lifestyle as the norm. It is time to take control of the well-being of the whole family, and destress thoroughly through the OSIM uLove 3 – The Family Well-Being Chair.

Destress for everyone in the family to achieve well-being
1. AI Stress Analysis: to measure Body Tension Score and other well-being indicators
2. Personalized Body Tension Programs: based on your Body Tension Score
3. Specialized Massage Programs: for everyone in the family in different life stages

Well-Being Innovation Powered by Science For Your Whole Family
Let OSIM uLove 3 measure and relieve stress through superior innovative technologies designed for everyone in the family. When you feel all your stress melt away, achieve total relaxation of mind and body!

uLove 3 blends together three elements to relieve stress and deliver an exceptional wellness experience that will uplift and enhance your family’s well-being.
1. AI Stress Analysis Technology
2. Personalized body tension programs based on body tension score
3. Specialized lifestyle programs for everyone in the family

Digital innovations with seamless app control
In this digital age where everything is becoming increasingly personalized, we are handing over full control to you. Elevate your seamless massage experience with the OSIM Well-Being App. As you are enjoying a full suite of massage programs, simply play original music tracks and even personalize your massage adjustments on your phone.
1. NFC Touchpoint for quick app access
2. Full chair control
3. Monitor well-being trends over time
4. Full suite of massage programs
5. New download programs

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