uVision Air Eye Massager

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uVision Eye Massage
Extra care for healthier eyes
Designed to be part of your daily eye care routine, OSIM uVision Air gives you brighter and healthier eyes.
It uses airbag massage and soothing warmth to target our most common eye concerns such as dark circles, fine lines and dry eyes.

Targeted massage for your eyes
Airbag massage
Strategically positioned airbags to target vital acupressure points.

– Helps with eye fatigue.
– Relieves migraine and firm droopy eyelids.
– Alleviates headache and stress.

Relieves dry and itchy eyes.
Soothing warmth
Optimum temperature of 40°C – 49°C to further enhance massage benefits.

Lightweight and portable
The foldable and lightweight uVision Air allows you to easily slip it in your bag, so you can soothe your tired eyes wherever you are.

Specialized programs for all lifestyles
Choose from 3 massage programs that cater to your lifestyle and differing needs.

Model number : OS-1202
USB Input : 5V — 1A
Gross weight – Approx. 770g
Net weight – Approx. 300g

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Dimensions 21 × 7 × 4 cm