uZap Arm EMS Toner

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22The OSIM uZap Arm and OSIM uZap Waist can help to improve workout efficacy by exercising more muscles, so you can have firm and toned muscles in no time.

uZap Arm

targets 3 major arm muscles

1. Biceps
2. Triceps
3. Brachialis (flexor muscle for elbow joint)

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology

Both uZap Arm and uZap Waist utilize EMS technology to deliver bioelectrical pulses akin to those generated by our body to stimulate muscle contractions.

These contractions will then exercise and tone your arm and abdominal muscles to give you a slimmer silhouette.

10 Intensity levels to suit all users:

Level 1 – 3: Lower intensity to gently stimulate muscles, to help soothe and relax them.
Level 4 – 6: Medium intensity to exercise muscles and to tone thme
Level 7 – 10: For those who prefer a stronger and more effective muscle workout.

Versatile use for whole body pain relief

EMS technology can also help with pain relief and promote muscle recovery too, so you can get back to your fitness routine quicker.

1) Lower back
Use uZap Waist on lower back to relieve back aches.

2) Thighs
Use uZap Waist on your thighs to help with any soreness.

3) Calves
uZap Arm can also be used on your calves to instantly relieve pain.

Wireless usage: Powered by the control unit for a wireless and fuss-free usage experience.

Long battery life: Both uZap Arm and uZap Waist can be used for up to 8 hours straight with one full charge, so you can exercise without worries.

Adjustable straps: Both uZap Arm and uZap Waist feature straps that are easily adjusted to fit your body well for optimal muscle toning.

Non-adhesive & hygienic: The EMS pads are non-adhesive and can be easily wiped clean for better hygiene.

Usage Tips: Before using, apply moisturizer on your body or spray water on the EMS pads to increase conductivity for maximum toning effect!


uZap Arm

Model number

USB Input
5V — 1A

Product Thickness

Gross wg : Approx. 220g
Net wg : Approx. 98g

Additional information

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 50 × 12.5 cm