uZap Body Vibration Exercise Board

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OSIM uZap Body Vibration Exercise Board

Effortless and powerfull workout for a healthier you.

Suitable for your lifestyle : Set aset 15 minute a day to achieve better overall health. Choose from for 4 distincly different. Auto program depending on your personal fitness goals for a quick and easy workout. Chi, Fitness, Relax, Music Sync.


Manual Program : Total of 10 levels of vibration intensity to suit all user. Increase to intensity level progressively as your fitness level improvess!

Vertical Vibration Technology : The Vertical Vibration Technology enables uZap Body to move up & down at high speed to engage the whole body. A perfect passive exercise routine suitable for people of all fitness levels.

Get Fit effortless uZap Body : Exercise is important to improve your overall well-being but do not let the need to exercise add to your stress. Keep things simple with the OSIM uZap Body, a vertical vibration board which provides a fuss-free exercise alternative to help with overall body fitness.

An enjoyable and effectif workout : Enjoy a hussel-free uZap Body workout with its user-friendly interface and well-being safety design, so you can exercise with a peace of mind.


Model Specification :
Auto timer : 15 minute
Power Adaptor : 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 1.5A (Input) 24.0V 2.0A (Output)

Weight :
Gross : 15 Kg
Nett Weight : 13 Kg


Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 29 × 42 × 11 cm