uZap Foot Massager

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OSIM uZap Foot

Shape up and tone your legs
It is difficult for many women to tone their legs, especially at the thigh and calf areas. As a result, thunder thighs and radish calves are common worries for them. The OSIM uZap Foot helps you shape your leg muscles using vibration, getting you one step closer to achieve the legs of your dreams.

Targeted toning where you need it most
The versatile uZap Foot provides localized vibration along the entire length of your legs to massage your feet, and further enhance the contours for a slimmer leg silhouette.

ToneVibrate massage technology
The uZap Foot uses ToneVibrate massage technology to help tone your leg muscles by contracting and relaxing them repeatedly at a high speed upon vibration massage.

Benefits of vibration massage
• Tones muscles
• Relaxes and stretches muscles
• Improves blood circulation
• Prevents muscle cramps

Perfect for tired legs too!
The uZap Foot is not only for toned legs, its vibration massage also helps to soothe and relax your sore, tired legs.

Common causes of tired legs :
• Prolonged seating
• Prolonged standing
• Post-exercise muscle aches
• Poor blood circulation

Usage tips :
• Pair it with your favorite upper body routine for a full body workout
• Be seated while using uZap Foot for a safer experience

Model Specification :
Wide : 42 CM
Voltage : 220-240V 50-60Hz
Model Number : OS-3220
Gross Weight : Approx. 3.8kg
Net Weight : Approx. 3.7kg

Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 29 × 42 × 11 cm