Statement Pieces to Dial Up the Luxury Factor of Your Home

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Statement Pieces to Dial Up the Luxury Factor of Your Home

Statement pieces can easily add to the indulgent allure of a home. Quite simply, a statement piece is defined as something people notice straight away, something that is interesting and eye-catching. Thus your choice of statement pieces to increase the luxury appeal of your home depends heavily on your personality, your taste and the decorative style of your home.

Consider these statement pieces to add a touch of opulence to your cozy home:

1. Faux Exotic Skins Furniture

Sofas, chairs and ottomans have long been the popular choice of being a centerpiece when it comes to fashionable interior designing. However, instead of choosing traditional cowhide leather, picking exotic animal skin instantly transforms your furniture into a bold and alluring statement piece in your home. With beauty and comfort at the heart of it all, the best exotic skins for such furniture are python, ostrich and alligator skins. For instance, just take one look at chairs with alligator skin to understand the difference in look and feel when you compare it to a normal leather chair. Best of all, thanks to legal and sustainable practices around the world, most furniture upholstered with faux skins do not endanger any animals in the making process, but still adds a touch of luxury to your home.


2. Investment in Art

Art investment has long been associated with an appreciation for culture, prestige and pleasure, and make for great conversation pieces. Beautiful works of art, be it wall paintings or sculptures, carry a tangible and intrinsic value for its owner, especially if there is history or a famous artist attached to the piece. Art can instantly change the feel of your home by making it look more classy, especially when you match the colours of the art piece to the interior them of your home, or if you go the other way and provide a stark contrast. Authentic pieces of art have tremendous resale value, while also bringing out your personal style and decorative taste.


3. Wine Rack

Whether you’re a traditionalist or a modernist, nothing means more to wine connoisseurs than to be able to show off their prized collection of vintage wines and premium bubblies. Hence, having your own wine rack instantly increases the luxe factor of your home, be it a regular full-sized cabinet or modern-day, quirky sculpture-like units which can sit on the floor or table-top for more flexibility.


4. Ornate Lighting

The right lighting and illumination are central to cementing a home’s style and unique decor. Grand chandeliers, statement lighting pieces, wall-mounted sconces and modern suspension lamps are ultimate show-stoppers for any corner of the house. It doubles up as the main feature in an elegant and formal setting too, by adding the right amount of luxe without being too ostentatious. Even better is having light fixtures with adjustable dimmers so that you can control the level of lighting to suit the mood and set the tone for the evening.


5. Precious Stones

Perhaps the most understated way of making the interior of your home stand out is through the use of precious stones and crystals. Not only do they work as tasteful décor, they also fill the house with good and positive vibes. One of the most popular choices today is the purple-hued amethyst, which is said to have a calming effect on the mind and surroundings. For something less colored, but with more character and texture, monochrome colored granite or marble are a popular way to make your house look elegant and stylish without being showy. Be it a feature wall, a singular slab, or a table top, everything looks better (and more expensive) when decked out in granite.


The wide variety of quality statement pieces available for your home don’t necessarily need to be very expensive or loud. Adding a touch of style and luxury can be easy and fun, as long as you pick something close that suits your personal style and is truly something to your liking.

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