Customer Service Policy

Customer Service Policy

Give us feedback
Your feedback is invaluable to helping us serve you – and all our customers – better. It helps us maintain a high standard of service and provide products and services that meet your needs.
If you have a suggestion for us, we want to hear it.

Pay someone a compliment
If you have received exceptional service from someone, we would love to hear about it, too. Our colleagues always appreciate receiving your positive feedback – because we let them know about it.

Raise a formal complaint
If we missed the mark on something, we want to learn from your experience to make things better. So we record the details of every formal complaint we receive.
We will send you an acknowledgement within 2 business days and continue looking into the matter. We aim to respond to all complaints in full within 14 business days. Some matters may be more complex and therefore take longer to resolve. In these cases, we will keep you updated on our progress.
If you feel we haven’t resolved things properly, please tell us. We would appreciate one last chance to put things right. If we’ve misunderstood something, a further review may help us resolve the complaint to your satisfaction.
We have effective measures in place to monitor complaints, including regular audits and management review. If, despite our best efforts, for any disputes that cannot be resolved after 21 days, the incident shall be referred to the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) Mediation Panel for resolution by mediation.

If you require product repair/technical assistance, please bring your product to the nearest OSIM outlet and they will send it back to our repair centre @ OSIM headquarters for verification. Alternatively, please contact the OSIM Customer Service Centre and our friendly officers will assists you.

Kindly Note the following important points:

  • Collection of ALL repaired products is only available at the OSIM Customer Service Centre.
  • Products without warranty are subjected to service fees and spare parts charges (if any is required). Our officers will call you for final approval before we proceed with any repairs.
  • For a nominal fee, we can send your repaired products to a preferred address (in Singapore) if you have no time to visit our headquarters for collection.

Telephone: +65 6741 1538
If the hotline is busy, please leave a message on our voicemail with your name and contact number.
Call Return Lead Time: 1 working day
Email service lead time: approximately 3 working days
Email service lead time: approximately 3 working days